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Over here in Sweden I’m currently playing in division 1. 

I´m a highly motivated student-athlete who shoots for the stars and dreams BIG.


“When it’s time to rock and roll she will be there to deliver the goods”
– Coach Lou

“Very good offensive qualities”
– Coach Ann-Helén

“Amazing ball feeling”
– Coach Jesper

“Someone that can Win matches for you”
– Coach Daniel

“Works very hard for the team”
– Coach Ann-Helén

“Positive energy during training sessions”
– Coach Daniel

“Joker in the locker room”
– Coach Pierre





7th to 9th grade, I studied at Malmö Sport Academy School (Soccer program). As I have come to realize, my focus was on the sport and not so much on the academics. During the 9th grade my motivation for school was getting a lot better and I was determined to study the Media program at Spyken Gymnasium School.


Hard work pays off… At present time I study in the Media program at Spyken Gymnasium School. I have different kinds of courses where I learn the basics about media. Ever since I decided to apply to college in the US, I’ve been very motivated to study and I’m working very hard to improve my grades. I’m also studying for the SAT test which I’m scheduled to take in March 2021. Recently my project to create a soccer recruitment video to present myself has been very exciting and I have worked many hours to make the video as good as possible. I love to edit and have learned so much in the creative process in producing my video. I’m excited to learn more about Media production. When I put my mind to something, I can guarantee you I always give 100%.


I’m looking forward to studying Media in college and get a great educational foundation, and at the same time develop my soccer skills to the highest possible level. My goal is to play soccer at a university in the USA.  After college I look forward to a career as a digital graphic designer. And of course, play soccer at a high level. My dream is to participate in the Champions League one day. If I put in the hard work, I think that it’s possible. 



What is Lund Superbowl? 
Lund Super Bowl is an indoor rugby game between the students from Lund’s three biggest public gymnasium schools Polhemskolan, Katedralskolan and Spyken. I was one of the 15 students selected from my school to participate in the annual rugby game.



When our soccer training was cancelled because of the coronavirus, I was desperate for a new hobby. My choice for a new adventure was to learn skateboarding, and in the past six months I have worn out four skateboards and three pairs of shoes.


  • 2019 Selected to the state team and made it all the way to the national semifinal
  • Regionally drafted for the Swedish national team on three different occasions 
  • MVP 2019, Skånecupen (State championship)  Girls 17 



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Shoots for the stars and dreams BIG